The livingtec ® is designed to meet the highest quality standards, technology and environment; a

  • about us

    A "know-how" in the production of solid-surface long more than 20 years !! The Family Rosco designs and creations in Solid-Surface over 20 years, extensive experience gained over time along with the demands of the market trends and needs of the individual client.
  • Mission

    The continuous research of aesthetic and functional features of the product,great attention to the specific needs of its customers and the attention of the human relationship are the main objectives of the "MISSION"'s corporate Glasstek.
  • Quality

    The brand is synonymous with innovation livingtec ,design, but especially quality. A constant that this follows the products in livingtec in every phase, from design to deployment, and that has allowed the company to obtain both positive acclaim from the market which generate a high-end product that can never be standardized.
  • 100% Made in Italy

    We strongly believe in "MADE IN ITALY", expression of creativity and production typically Italian very highly esteemed in the world. Why is thanks to the acquisition of ancient traditions "Italian" of fine craftsmanship, Over the years we were able to interact with the most innovative technologies ,that we are able to generate not only today but manufactured items made to art.
  • Recoverability

    The livingtec ® being an ultra compact and homogeneous throughout its mass allows it to be readily restored in appearance and color. All this thanks to the use of a special repair kit easy to use that allow you to make the necessary repairs on the spot by the user.